ANIMATION TV PILOT of the Day: CREEPYDAD, by Daniel Kitron

Title: Creepydad

Written by: Daniel Kitron

Genre: Animation, Comedy


Logline: Creepydad revolves around the power struggle that ensues as audacious brothers Cargo and Buddha defy the new adults in their lives- their “astronaut” father, fresh back from space, and the depraved mother of the new neighbor kid.

Synopsis: All Cargo and Buddha ever wanted to do is do their thing. Is that so wrong? Sure, there’s the occasional morally outrageous hit single, the occasional magnetic catastrophe, but boys will be boys. Now though, daddy’s back from space, and not only is he not the good-time hero-man the boys expected, he’s creepy! Worse yet, he’s going to make them do (gasp!) chores! As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are new neighbors, and while the boys click with C-dawg, the kid of the family, his mom (“Crazymom”) is all up in their grizznozzle. Every time the boys are on their grind with a flamingo meat scam or a fake grandma long-con, one of these spunk junkies interferes. What choice do the boys have? These player-hating parents have got to go.

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ANIMATION Feature Film of the Day: BY A THREAD, by Canais Young

Title: By A Thread

Written by: Canais Young

Genre: Animation/Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

LOGLINE: After a hospital explosion claims the life of her recently-born infant, an injured police officer on the brink of suicide makes a deal with the mysterious Mr. Ombre to play a supernatural game where she’s pitted against the terrorist who ruined her life.

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Sound, Set and Action: Animation Videos


In this workshop we looked at different examples of animation, music videos and still images that uses elements of built sets, costumes and stop motion in relation to the Sound, Set and Action project.

Fortuna, Flipbook – William Kentridge

William Kentridge Fortuna FlipbookThe animation begins with the opening of the book, it shows an illustration of a man drawn on top of the text whilst moving. This continues with the flipping of pages within the book whilst the man is pacing back and forth continuously. Towards the end of the animation the man disappears, the text of “Fin” is shown and the closing of the book is the ending of the animation. I found this animation to be interesting as it uses text and illustration. I like the idea of drawing on top of a text book with the use of drawn media which could be considered for my own stop frame animation.

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Sound, Set and Action


In this workshop we looked at different storyboards and learnt about using the camera for different angles, movements and shots for an animation. These are some examples of well known characters and stories from a variety of storyboards.

In the image below, it shows a story board for the film called Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese which is a neo-noir psychological thriller. The storyboard are seen like an old tv box which which already makes it look like you are watching it with some description of what is happening in each scene. The drawings are sketchy and simple, although they are not drawn in detail you are able to know what is happening. The use of black and some red adds more detail and emphasis to show the genre and key points of the movie.


The storyboard below is for Alien by Ridley Scott. This storyboard shows more detailed drawings…

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The History of Disney Animation – Part 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

cvd history and museums

snow_white_1937_poster.png Image from: Wikipedia, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, <; , [accessed 5/5/2017]. I have been thinking recently about a series to do for my blog and, as a massive Disney fan and nerd, I thought it would be a lovely to make a series about Disney’s animated films. The history of the Disney company and its films have some history books and documentaries written about them, but I often lament that there is not a better monograph talking about Disney as a whole. Now this blog is not attempting to write a history of the Disney company. I just want to focus on the beautiful films that have been created by this company: how they were made, their success/failures and impact on the company and popular culture. A little, quick history on these classic films.

So let’s start at the beginning with the revolutionary Snow White and the Seven…

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