Watch Pixilation 2D/3D Animated Short Film “The Visitor” Directed by George Dechev

“The Visitor” is perhaps the most innovated and unique film that has played at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. It’s an amazing film to experience. Winner of Best Cinematography and Best Musical Score at the festival.

Watch THE VISITOR now:

Part 2: Best of Animation Feature Film Loglines

Submit your Animation Screenplay to the Festival Today: Read the best of Animated Feature Movie Pitches: CLICK the LINKS and read the loglines. ME AND MR. LOBO, by Anil Agnihotri PRINCESSES TO THE RESCUE, by Benjamin Lorenzo Sanchez MELODY, by Shipra Shukla ARMWOLF, by James W. Corpening CAT’S EYES, by JR. McRae QUEST FOR MIHTE… Continue reading Part 2: Best of Animation Feature Film Loglines

Animation Short Films

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos of the Short Films that have played at the festival in the last year.