Director Biography – Nomadic Alternative, Farnaz Ohadi (HESAR (GATE))

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Award-winning dynamic duo -Nelson and Xochitl Garcia-leal, are award winning independent artists that were raised and currently reside in Vancouver.

What they bring to the table is their 15+years of practice, their creative and innovative ideas, unique design and guarantee of your 100% satisfaction. With Xochitl acting as art director, producer, writer, negotiator and Nelson behind the artwork, your business plus their expertise equal to success. From understanding your requirements to idea generation and from first blue print to handing over the final copy,they take your public image as theirs.

Their creative teamwork will surely amaze you with their ideas and dedication to the craft. With years of experienced having designed some impressive business printing material previously.Their technology is up-to-date and can make sure all their client’s specifications are catered to.

Director Biography – Claire Campbell (WINTER’S BLIGHT)

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Claire works as a freelance editor and animator ‘I enjoy all the small details in the film making process, bringing it all together & being able to create a cohesive & beautiful final film’. Claire was Awarded a Silver at the Best Design Awards for her animation ‘Len’. Claire has also worked in creating animated content for large live shows and promotional films where she mixes stop motion with motion graphics to great effect. Claire lives in Dunedin, New Zealand where she enjoys the dynamic city and beautiful coastline.

Director Statement

Winter’s Blight is a story about isolation, but also about how everything is connected. Through these connections, themes of compassion, loss and sacrifice are revealed. The old man and the pine cone’s lives are entwined, showing how we are all intrinsically linked to our surroundings and are all part of a bigger whole throughout our lives.

I wanted the film to be rich in detail. I wanted it to feel believable, for the viewers to feel that this is a real world, and that a lifetime was lived on this little piece of land and inside this old hut. This is a place that has been kept apart from the outside world, frozen in time, grim, cold and threadbare.

What draws me to stop-motion animation is the ability it gives you to fill your shots with textures and fine details, building a world that can be both stylised and feel as real as a live action film. With stop-motion, everything within the frame has to be handmade, allowing it to have its own style which adds a richness and cohesion to the overall feel of the design. The characters and sets have a grounding in reality because they exist as real three-dimensional objects but with a slightly surreal quality to them, and they are then brought to life when animated. Claire Campbell – Director

Short Film: WINTER’S BLIGHT, 13min., New Zealand, Animation

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Winter’s Blight tells the story of an elderly man called Bill who lives alone in an isolated hut in Central Otago, New Zealand. Spring should have arrived but the winter will not relent. It is freezing and Bill has run out of firewood which he relies on for all his heating and cooking. He has cut down all of the trees on his small plot and now must cut down the one remaining tree (a large pine tree that he planted with his father as a child). Bill gets gradually more exhausted and confused, not being able to focus on his immediate task, till eventually he passes out from Hypothermia. As he drift towards his death Bill feels the warmth of his memories and the heat of a fire that may revive him.

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Short Film: ONE DAY ONE FLY, 6min., Greece, Animation

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Our hero is the most adorable 3D fly in the world!

Τhe camera follows him from his very first moment of birth.

His life is impressively exciting!

He experiences each moment as if it was his last one.

Following his adventure of life, he learns to fly, to survive, to follow his instincts, to find his food, to claim, to be fascinated, to find love, to be disappointed, to risk and to collect valuable experiences, until he meets a human being for the first and the last time…

You see, human arrogance does consider the life of such a small insect that important.

After all, once upon a time there was a good decent lady who swallowed a fly…..


Director Biography – Juan Paulín (AN IDEA)

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México 1984
Audiovisual Director with focus on animation and illustration, I have more than 8 years of experience in Film, Advertising and Art projects, I currently work as a freelance for different audiovisual projects.

Director Statement

This project was born from my own creative process and as one immerses in looking for answers when the answer is simpler than I imagined.
It is an important project because I try to play with the role of the negative and the positive and how everything is relative.
It’s a very personal story that I made from the beginning to the music.
In technical matters I can define “An idea” as a unique handmade animation where I get involved from my soul.
“An idea” has been selected in around 50 festivals around the world.

Director Biography – Carlos Mejia, Kevin Barwick (SERPENDIPITY)

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Carlos Mejia is a Colombian born CG artist, passionate about storytelling and cinematography, and is the Co-Director for Serpendipity. Through animation, he has found a fascinating creative medium that allows for the most outlandish and wondrous adventures to be created and shared with others. His goal is to create strong emotionally driven narratives for wide audiences.

Kevin Barwick is the Co-Director of Serpendipity. For Kevin it’s been an honor and a privilege to learn and grow so much from this film, and with this team. The talent and passion alone are the reason animation is what it is.

Director Statement

Carlos Mejia: Serpendipity is a story with wild shifts and twists, bringing absolute chaos to a seemingly normal blind date. At its core, Serpendipity’s narrative explores how our insecurities can manifest into embarrassing behavior that can make any situation worse. Whether our insecurity is as ordinary as not liking our glasses, or as extraordinary as having rowdy snakes for hair, we all have something to work on that others can help us accept.

Kevin Barwick: Serpendipity stemmed from a simple concept of insecurity. A feeling we’ve all felt. It’s universal language, signifying features, are the essence of the film. When I joined the team I had this ingrained. I wanted this to stay true till the end. The audience needed to resonate with Gordon, see themselves inside the anguish of the film’s lead characters.