Director Biography – Varad Bhamburdekar (BIRDS OF A FEATHER)

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I am Varad Bhamburdekar and I am graduating with a BFA in Computer Animation from Ringling College of Art and Design. My film, Birds Of A Feather is a piece about celebrating yourself and enjoying a moment in life.

Growing up in India, a place so rich in culture and art one would think I would think that going into the arts was always part of the plan, but it was the total opposite. I really thought I would grow up to become an engineer or a doctor. I always had the passion for films, stories, cartoons, and I wondered if there was a chance to study this and learn how they were made. They were such a great means of escape from the real world to land where anything was possible. Good films would send a chill down my spine as I felt every moment of what the characters in the film went through. I wanted to make something that would make people feel that way. As artists one thing that we do the best is inspire people. And the 2020 lockdown has proven it to be a fact. From poems and books to music, television and movies, they all bring people together where they can reveal the most vulnerable part of themselves. I wanted to share my ideas with the world and that’s when I started researching for schools that would teach me about this field. From a quick learning experience from Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and working on an Emmy winning TV show called ‘Dinotrux’ I learned a lot in a very short amount of time, but there was so much more. And that is what led me to Ringling College of Art and Design. Here I was able to learn every step in the pipeline. This gave me the confidence to get out into the real world. I want to join a studio that brings out the best in me and one day I would love to start a studio of my own, that would be the ultimate dream.


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