Animation Festival – Today’s Testimonial

Barbara Peikert
Barbara Peikert

Imagine Cinemas Toronto Carlton Cinema Nov 14.11.19
Highly recommended! Great idea, really well moderated and beautiful staging! It’s fantastic to hear and see MI DI WORM No.10 shaking and making the audience laugh.
Thanks a lot for the feedback and rating.

5 Star Review

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MI DI WORM no. 10, 1min., Switzerland, Animation

Directed by Barbara Peikert

The starting material is a frame-to-frame animation art of 2-Stop motion: A production with visual effects. Of the type related to a stereoscopic recording, the flickering wiggling-picture ramifications of the yellow color animate strokes on a red background.

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ANIMATION Festival Testimonial – March 29 2019

A friend of mine who just moved to L.A. from Brooklyn read our script and recommend we enter it. The coverage and feedback were right-on and helped us tighten up and improve things after staring at it for so many months.

– Travis McMaster & Tony Interdonato, Writers “Bob’s Burgers”

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ANIMATION Festival Testimonial – March 28 2019

I am really happy with the audience feedback video I received.. First of all, because the audience could understand the feelings that I wanted to convey through my movie and second reason because my animation style also was praised. I am amazed and happy.

– Camila Moreira Marques, Filmmaker “Fat”

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ANIMATION Festival Testimonial – March 22 2019

I had heard about FEEDBACK many times, and knew that it was part of a wider network of festivals that have been showcasing filmmakers’ work for years. When I realized there was also a screenwriting component to the festival, I felt like it was a great opportunity to, at the very least, get some helpful feedback on my script. I felt unsure whether it was working as a whole, and whether it was ready to be sent out as a portfolio piece. When I found out that the programmers loved my piece and wished to arrange a professional cold read, I was thrilled and gained a lot of confidence in the script.

The coverage report was also very helpful as it addressed several aspects of my screenplay in a coherent, organized fashion. As constructive feedback, I would just say that while I was glad to hear the reader found very few issues with it, it would have been interesting to hear more about which specific aspects of the script the reader felt were working best and which could be improved. That said, to hear that the FEEDBACK team considered it to be one of the strongest spec scripts they had read was extremely validating and encouraging to say the least.

Screenwriter Daniel Fishbayn (Adventure Time)

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When creatures begin disappearing from the Candy Kingdom overnight, Princess Bubblegum tasks Finn and Jake with solving the mystery.


Science Cat: Emily Weir
Starchy: Peter Nelson
Dr. Gross: Regan Brown
Narration: Laura Kyswaty
Finn: Kevin Gabel
Jake: Kevin Robinson
Toffee Girl: Patrice Henry


ANIMATION Festival Testimonial – March 19 2019

Ever since I took screenwriting seriously, I decided I want to bring my screenplay to life. Problem was, I wasn’t sure the right pathway to achieve that. So I’ve been exploring many options. One such options was one of my connections in Linkedin sent me a link to the storypitches site. I gave that a shot and it’s been going well so far.

My feelings on the feedback I received for “Messs” were well received. Since I believe I garnered more screenwriting experience when working on “Ultimatus,” of course, I’ve put more what I’ve learned into that more than any other.

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Logline: “Messs” is a action, supernatural in which Anika Takano gets more than what she bargained for despite being a “Messs,” a rare type of exorcist who can’t see demons during a certain time-range of day.

Genre: Action, Animated, Supernatural




ANIMATION Festival Testimonial – March 5 2019

I was excited about finally having a completed draft and looked for a contest that that would be a good fit for an animated pilot. The festival seemed like a good choice and I’m glad I entered.

  • Bryan Cahill

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  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

    Charles Poulet, a skinny, OCD, germaphobe tries to follow in the footsteps of his deceased father, Henri on the Montreal Animal Police Force.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Charles: Rais Moui
    Jimmy: Brandon Nicoletti
    Prof. Venal: Christopher Huron
    Nikolai: Neil Bennett
    Dimples: Daniella Zappala
    Principal Tashi: Connie Wang