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DOWN WITH GOLIATH, 3min., Animation

Directed by Ernetta D. Procter

In this animated short film against the backdrop of a 1990’s Chicago Southside, an adolescent (nameless) black girl is educated by her southern grandmother on the sacrifices that it takes to survive as a woman in their violent, crack infused environment. With her grandmother’s mobster-esque support and a sawed-off rifle in a Malboro duffle bag, she emerges victorious from the fight of her life, only to realize that the world was no longer a suitable opponent for a gladiator like her. Everything had become “Down With Goliath.”

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THANKS AGAIN!, 5min., Japan, Animation

Directed by Yifan Jiang

Each character symbolises a tone and appears in front of the vending machines common in the Showa era, forming a melody from memory. As the music ends and people leave, the lone owner says “thanks again” once more.

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MEMOIRS OF A MOZLEM, 5min., USA, Animation

Directed by Bayan Jarad

A Muslim American student and her cousin face some awkward situations on the public bus. However, there’s always something positive to be found.

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SYMBIONIC, 6min., USA, Animation

Directed by Jack Tenbusch

A Songbird who is forced to flee her deforested home accidentally clips her wing on a robotic facility antenna, plummeting into an underground scrap bin. Her collision caused an error within the facility: an obsolete robot is activated.

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TRACE OF A BUTTERFLY, 11min., China, Animation

Directed by Xu Ran

Life is always as light as a butterfly dance, meeting, separating, birth and death, seem to be just the gentle flapping in the wing. But even if the life is light like this , is it really impossible to leave any traces?

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GRUF AND ME, 9min., Israal, Live Action/Animation

Directed by Dovi Keich

Gruf is a graffiti character that comes to life in animation. Gruf falls in love with the street artist who created him. He desperately tries to find her in the shabby streets of Tel Aviv and discovers that inter-dimensional love is not easy.

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POLAR BEAR BEARS BOREDOM, 7min., Japan, Animation

Directed by Koji Yamamura

A polar bear who is very bored with various marine animals in the deep blue sea.
It continues an ancient tradition of “Caricatures of Frolicking animals” in scroll painting-style; this time, “Frolicking Sea Animals,” in animation form, with a play on Japanese and English language word-plays: “Hokyoku-Guma Suggoku Hima. / Polar bear bears boredom”, “Kawauso Kawaisou. / Other otter, poor otter,” etc.

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PARALLELISM, 15min., Italy, Experimental Animation

Directed by Marco Bolognesi

In terms of Mind Philosophy, “Parallelism” is a mind-body interaction dualist theory affirming that mental and physical events take place on a parallel course of existence, and interact with each other in a not casual way. The fact that they move harmonically doesn’t mean thought that one could induce the other to do what it does. In the same way, the film shows two worlds, two cities, who seem to exist independently from one another but indeed they communicate through passages, space-time tunnels, bridges between two different dimensions. They are two opposite worlds, utopic and dystopic, and they will, at the end, unify in a “crossbred” world, a fusion of the two, which is not a sum but a synthesis, where this new world, generated from the two opposite ones, has a new identity. In Italian “meticcio” (crossbred) derives from late Latin mixtīcius, to mix, and from this probably derives the French term métis, as the capacity to integrate multiple identities, multiple individualities that form each one of us. The protagonist of the film is a hybrid being, a woman with zippers over her eyes and rose petals growing on her face, as if from a flower. She introduces and closes the film, as if the path of harmonic fusion led by her presence – a crossbreed presence as well – and her tale seems to be a necessary path in order to reach a world full of hope and satisfaction (happiness and joy), a process started from two parallel roads that symbolizes the possibility to get to a new crossbreed identity, mixed and unique at the same time.

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