Read the best of NEW POETRY from around the world from the Poetry Festival

WILDsound Festival

Submit your poem to the Poetry Festival today!

Read the best of NEW POETRY from around the world:

IF I WAS PRESIDENT, by Molimau Fatu
If I Was President, Poetry by Molimau Fatu

The Ultimate Misunderstanding, Poetry by Stephanie Marie

PIECES OF YOU, by Hansteven Selfa
Pieces Of You, Poetry by Hansteven Selfa

BITTER SWEET, by Angel Victoria
Bitter-Sweet, Poetry by Angel Victoria

HEAD SICK FOR YOU, by Andrew James Leahy
Head sick for you, Poetry by Andrew James Leahy

CYCLE OF REPERCUSSIONS, by Floyd Robert Maduekwe
Cycle of Repercussions, Poetry by Floyd Robert-Maduekwe

EASTER MONDAY, by Mary E. Latela
Easter Monday, Poetry by Mary E. Latela

MONET, by Caroline Clemens
MONET, Poetry by Caroline Clemens

EVILS DECEPTION, by Barbara Hunt
Evils Deception, Poetry by Barbara Hunt

GRANDFATHERS LOVE, by Sherille Williams
Grandfathers Love, Poetry by Sherille Williams

MICHAEL, by Darlene Laboy
Michael, Poetry by Darlene Laboy

SURROUNDED BY LOVE, by Sancti Fly Mama

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