Sound, Set and Action: Animation Videos


In this workshop we looked at different examples of animation, music videos and still images that uses elements of built sets, costumes and stop motion in relation to the Sound, Set and Action project.

Fortuna, Flipbook – William Kentridge

William Kentridge Fortuna FlipbookThe animation begins with the opening of the book, it shows an illustration of a man drawn on top of the text whilst moving. This continues with the flipping of pages within the book whilst the man is pacing back and forth continuously. Towards the end of the animation the man disappears, the text of “Fin” is shown and the closing of the book is the ending of the animation. I found this animation to be interesting as it uses text and illustration. I like the idea of drawing on top of a text book with the use of drawn media which could be considered for my own stop frame animation.

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