Director BIO: Pei Yao (PINK BUBBLES)

Short Film: Playing at the ANIMATION/EXPERIMENTAL Film Festival – Thursday December 28, 2017

Director Biography

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Pei Yao is a New York-based 3D artist.
She has been working in the 3D field since her undergraduate studies in Digital Media Design at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan. After finishing her undergraduate work, she still sought more experience and knowledge. Hence, having decided to take her career to the next level, she started grad school in the MFA Computer Art department at School of Visual Arts.

Film and music have been Pei’s inspiration since she was a child. Film is also what she enthusiastically wants to pursue in her future career. She is specializes in compositing for live action film, and texture and lighting for 3D.

Director Statement

“Everything I learned I learned from movies.”Audrey Hepburn once said. Since I was about 11 years child, I have been always attracted by the engrossing world of movies. Every time I finished one movie, I feel like I have alighted into a flight of fancy alongside the leading man/woman. Each flick opens up new corridors of psychological perception in my brain. Likewise ‘Pink Bubbles’ aims to subtlety shift a facet of perception, facilitate a new grasp on a dire environmental crisis. At the same time, the film is spare and evocative. Open to multiple interpretations, it’s meaning can morph in multiform directions.

This tale is rooted on a 1990’s chronicle of a whale,traversing across a broad expanse of open ocean, whose sound frequency is incompatible with that of other whales. The author speculated that the 52-hertz creature must be companion-less. Somehow upon reading this, I feel akin to this likely suffering colossal mammal.

Equaling relating to this project “Her”(Spike Jonze) bespeaks the in-alterable/painful alienation I felt deep in my gut when I read about the whale. In NYC, like the future L.A. of the film, inhabitants are so consumed by the hustle bustle of overcommitted time schedules, that they fail to connect with others beyond a Hi-Bye level.

I want to escape from my prosaic life most of the time imagining there will be an escapade which opens a dimension of character, which heretofore was unknown to me. But fairy tales ain’t true. Hence, I transfer my desires to screen. Through compelling cinematic experience, we learn how sociology encompasses multi-faceted social arenas. I feel different emotions while watching “Her” at different ages; essence of what I want to bring to people.


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