TV SPEC Reading of BOB’S BURGERS “Monstrapolis” by Matthew J Gonzalez


Winning Screenplay – BOB’S BURGERS “Monstrapolis”
Written by Matthew J Gonzalez


NARRATOR – Elizabeth Morriss
LINDA – Daniel Chung
LOUISE – Tea Nguyen
TINA/GENE – David Occhipinti
BOB – John Fray
DEBBY – Georgia Grant
KID – Cora Matheson


Genre: Comedy, Family

With a new roller coaster coming to the wharf (the monstrapolis) Louise becomes enamored with it and wants to ride it, even though she’s too short. Luckily though, after Tina asks Bob for a raise and gets denied, Louise manages to get Tina a paying job at the wharf.

Get to know the writer:

What is your TV spec screenplay of the show about?

The spec is based on one of my favorite television shows, Bob’s Burgers. The episode is called “Monstrapolis.” Tina wants to prove her maturity to her family and accepts a job at Wonder Wharf, where the new thrill roller coaster, Monstrapolis…

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