Director Biography – Kunsang Kyirong (YARLUNG)

Kunsang Kyirong enjoys making tactile and textured materials move under the camera. She integrates her cultural history and themes of identity and memory through her research and practice. Her body of work exists as documentation of memories through straight ahead animation. She completed her BMA in 2D+ Experimental Animation at the Emily Carr University of Art+ Design.

Director Statement

Storytelling has been paramount to my artistic practice, especially ones which play with a mélange of fiction and non-fiction narratives. I am interested in cultural history and how that can be explored in a way that does not preserve typical stereotypes. The narratives that have driven me are through lived experience and through the experience of others. Growing up in the Tibetan diaspora community has provided me with the privilege of hearing many personal stories.

The use of charcoal and straight-ahead animation in my film adds to the whimsical and fluid nature of story-telling. Often drawing in unusual perspectives and working with transitions that weave in various landscapes and changes in a character’s point of view. These shifts often occur spontaneously as it does when listening to a story or remembering a dream.


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