Director – Cooper Wood (ELIJAH’S DANCE)

Director Statement

This film is a direct reflection of my own consciousness. Developed over an entire semester- I utilized the mediums of white and black charcoal to render a plane of existence whose absurdity and terror brings my character face-to-face with my greatest fear- Death. In recent times, I have encountered Death in several ways. As a concept, as a force, and as an inevitability. The fear it elicits cripples all those who face it- time being the determining factor in how much it effects someone. But just as it seems that there is an irrationality to Death, there is an equal absurdity to this concept of fear. The lives we lead don’t change our fate- Death always waits at the top of the mountain in life’s climb. But fear? Fear is a choice.


By feedbackanimationfestival

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