Director Biography – Jerry van de Beek, Betsy De Fries (YELLOWSTONE 88 – SONG OF FIRE)

Multi award-winning Bay Area production studio Little Fluffy Clouds, founded in 1996 by creatives, Betsy De Fries and Jerry van de Beek, specializes in high-end motion graphics and animation.
Talented, imaginative, experimental yet pragmatic, Little Fluffy Clouds, brings a unique edge to concept design, live action with integrated motion graphics, state-of-the-art VFX, character development, 2D and 3D animation, title sequences and all forms of interactive and mobile media.
Their compulsion for storytelling, interwoven with a constant eye for exploration, development and investment in the latest technologies, allows this talented duo to think freely, playfully question, concept, dream, draw, code, animate, produce and deliver experiences that enable their clients’ ideas to shine. Diversity of style is the studio’s byword.

Director Statement

Evocative, magical, suspended in that mythic world of woodland folklore where animals are predominant and the planet moves to encircle the ecosystem in a constant tranquil accord.
Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire tells the story of the devastating fires that engulfed the park for five months of 1988 until winter snows and rain quelled the inferno and ended the destruction – or did it?
In tones of fiery reds, purples, yellows and oranges set against a dark, burning backdrop of damaged, diseased and drought ridden trees, dry lightning sparks a fire that rages like an avenging angel until its crusade is complete.
We see the many animals that live in the park – bear, bison, elk, deer, ground squirrels, fox and coyote. We see trees and scrub and plant life. We see mountains and rivers and valleys. We see dawn and dusk and the dark night skies that reveal the magnificent nebula in the galaxy above.
These sculpted two dimensional animals – part spirit and part real – flee the fire to quickly reach a place of safety, if they can, some go to water, some go underground. Eventually a white winter snow of intense severity covers the scorched earth where now nothing edible can grow and fauna, exhausted from the fire and weakened by hunger, starve to death in search of food.
Bleak and desolate the starry cosmos turns from one season to the next and the next, and the land rests and renews and life begins again like the primordial spring. Flora grows in abundance, nourished by the fallen ashes of destruction, and animals and birds return in strength to once again reclaim their birthright. And so the story is as much about evolution as loss, and the spirit that resides in such an ancient forest.
At the time of the fire there were no wolves living in the park but their existence in Yellowstone predates the creation of the park and their presence and soul has always been felt, and so the spirit of the wolf speaks through this poem and guides us through the animation. Once reintroduced into the park their presence altered the shape of the ecosystem and returned it to an original stature.

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