Director BIO: Yifan Jiang (THANKS AGAIN!)

Born in China in 1995. Received bachelor’s degree from Jiangnan University,School of Digital Media,Department of animation in 2018. From April 2020, Studying animation in the master course of Kyoto University of the Arts, Department of Graphic Design.

Director Statement

In the Showa era, it was common to see vending machine corners offering udon, soba, burgers, etc. in the city. Even late at night, you could eat hot food. At a time when Japan’s economy was growing at a rapid pace, convenience and abundance were sought after, the design of the vending machines was full of warmth and sophistication, they formed a peaceful daily life for people.

After the 1990s, with the spread of 24-hour convenience stores, the corner of vending machines, which had lost its customer base, began to diminish. With that, the manufacturing of food vending machines came to an end. Since the 21st century, society has developed at a high speed, it is a miracle that there are still a few vending machine corners in existence today. I went to the corner that was still open on the outskirts of the city I was in, and there was no longer the lively scene of the past, only the lonely figure of the shopkeeper maintaining the vending machine.

“It would be nice if that kind of everyday scenery could last forever.” By gazing into the quietness of the vending machine corner, I wanted to create a separate space that seemed to be placed in the world we were living in. The nostalgic and peaceful time is condensed in this endless image.


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