Short Film: GIVE BACK MY DAD!, 20min., Ukraine, Live Action/Animation

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Since 2014, after the armed invasion of Crimea by the Russian Federation, pro-Ukrainian residents of the peninsula have been persecuted for political, religious and ethnic reasons.

The documentary “Give Me Back My Dad” is an almanac of stories about the illegal detentions and searches. These are stories told by children who have lost their main characters in life for a long time or even forever – their parents.

These are stories told by people who can no longer call their childhood carefree and happy. In their interviews, five children will share their stories, they will tell about how they remember those terrible events after which they no longer see their parents. Including they will tell how live now and what they dream about.

Each story is not only told in an interview, but also drawn and animated. Against the background of casual children’s animation scary stories of children who were deprived of the most important thing they have – parents and faith in justice will sound. The film is also intended to be shown to an international audience to draw the attention to the fate of these children and their families.

Directed by Aleksandra Moni


By feedbackanimationfestival

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