ANIMATION Festival 1st Scene Reading: Turn This Space Station Around!, by Jaye Blohm

Good news! You’ve escaped your enemies by fleeing to another planet!
Bad news! You’ve made yourself easy pickings for alien hunters!

Relia, a teenager from Proxima Centauri b, is ruthlessly tormented by bullies, with no solutions in sight. While on her family vacation to Earth, she decides she’s not going home. She meets Sophie, a teenager who is desperate to escape her own troubles.

With Relia’s powers of mimicry, used for blending in on intergalactic vacations, she replicates Sophie and makes her an offer she can’t refuse: Trade places and have adventure (and escape) in outer space! With the help of an identifying tech-pin, Relia’s parents willingly accept Sophie as their daughter’s latest human imitation.

Everything goes great… until the alien hunters show up!
Escape and evasion, combined with creative coverups, mislead Relia into thinking she’s in the clear. She lives her pretend life for a couple days with astonishing success. But alien hunters and parents can only be fooled for so long. Sophie’s repeated blunders in alien surroundings eventually blow her cover and soon, Relia’s parents must turn the spaceship around.

Upon return, Relia’s parents and allies are captured, and the final battle is Relia’s to face alone.

Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Kandr: Geoff Mays
Relia: Hannah Ehman


By feedbackanimationfestival

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