Short Film: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, 3min., USA, Family

Directed by Wallis Liu
Unconditional Love is about parents making a kite for their kid with which they teach him to fly. This kite is a symbol for the things he needs to learn in order to be independent. After the child has the ability to control the kite, his parents leave and let him take control of the kite and his life. They still love and watch him from nearby.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

Director Biography – Wallis Liu

Wallis Liu is a 3D animator who loves to
observe and implement aspects of daily life
into his animations, particularly the flow of
movements. He loves to bring characters to life,
give them personalities and varieties through
the nuances of their gestures. He wants to
inspire people, bring joy and create a positive
impact to society through his artworks.

Director Statement

3D Animation is a perfect medium for me to express my thoughts and ideas to the public. Animating this way allows me to have more freedom and less limitations to create art since it is possible to make a 3D Animation by yourself with a laptop.
I gained inspiration and learned some lessons from a few awesome animations such as Inside Out (2015), CoCo (2017), Onward (2020) and Soul (2020). These films express a clear message that makes me feel like I gained something from them and this is a quality I strive to achieve in my animation. To me, animation is not only for kids but also for adults. The only difference is that kids and adults may have different perspectives when they watch the animation. I am an observant person who loves to observe lots of things in my life and those will be my main resource when I am making my art work. Most of the works that I have made were based on either social or personal topics. I am an artist who likes art work that is meaningful or thoughtful which will make some impact on me after I appreciate it. Therefore, my work always has a message that I want to express and hopefully it may make some good impact on others. This is just like the fuel which motivates me to keep making new artwork.
My current work is my thesis project which is dedicated to my parents to appreciate their love and support. I want to take this opportunity to make a super meaningful and personal film at this point. Since once I graduate, I may not have time to make an entire 3D animation on my own. Although this project is more personal, I hope my audience will take a moment to appreciate their families, or whoever they love after they watch it.


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