Short Film: WINTER’S BLIGHT, 13min., New Zealand, Animation

Winter’s Blight tells the story of an elderly man called Bill who lives alone in an isolated hut in Central Otago, New Zealand. Spring should have arrived but the winter will not relent. It is freezing and Bill has run out of firewood which he relies on for all his heating and cooking. He has… Continue reading Short Film: WINTER’S BLIGHT, 13min., New Zealand, Animation


Short Film: WATERS OF MARCH, 3min., Canada, Animation

Waters of March is the classic written by Tom Jobim and performed by jazz singer Stacey Kent. The delicately rendered animated drawings move at a rollicking pace transitioning back and forth from real to abstract images telling the everchanging story of loss and hope.

Short Film: THE BUS TRIP, 13min., Sweden, Animation

Sarah is invited to show her film in Israel as part of a film festival bus trip. She is hoping for political discussions and friendship, except the conversation stops each time she brings up the occupation of Palestine. So instead, Sarah talks to her dead dad over a noisy phone line. Project Links  Website  Facebook