ANIMATION Festival Testimonial – June 11, 2018

From Filmmaker Sarah Gampel (THE BUS TRIP)

This is one of the best feedback session I’ve ever had. People were being honest and sharing their thoughts unconstrained. It’s not too common that people share their honest opinion, and especially not when there is some sort of critic involved. And as a filmmaker it can be difficult to hear negative comments about ones film, it puts me as a filmmaker in a defensive position. But the critic I got to hear here made me feel the opposite. I could tell that the audience had really watched my film carefully and given it a lot of thought before they spoke, I could hear it in the way they talked about it. So even if some of them were criticizing parts of my film I can understand what they mean and almost agree with them. It also makes me proud and happy that my film is seen seriously and good enough to get criticized.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

Director BIO: Sarah Gampel (THE BUS TRIP)

Director Biography – Sarah Gampel

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Sarah Gampel is an independent animator from Stockholm, Sweden. She studied screenwriting in Copenhagen, as well as animation at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA) and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her films tell personal stories that often relate to specific political issues. Her work has been shown at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, the La Havana International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Cuba, as well as at film events in New York City, Givat Olga, and Ramallah.