Short Film: THE NIGHT OF THE BEAR. Audience Feedback Video


THE NIGHT OF THE BEAR, (La Nuit de l’Ours), Animation/Documentary – 22min – Switzerland
Appeared at WILDsound’s September 2013 Film Festival

Directed by Fred Guillaume

An animated documentary 24 min.

In a city with disturbing contours, uprooted animals seeking shelter for the night. They find shelter in the house of the Bear, creating an ephemeral community that will dissolve the first rays of the sun. Of Crossed Destinies telling the exclusion of an offbeat tone.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

The Night of the Bear, our first documentary film was born from our meeting with the team of emergency accommodation and the tile with its users. We got to know this community bound by insecurity and soon we found it necessary to image these very intimate moments, to give a voice to those who are called may be a little hasty “excluded.”

The mirror we tend these men and women is not always easy to confront, yet it is necessary for those who believe in the progress of society thing. The original intention was not to inform the viewer on the phenomenon of insecurity but to touch the depths of his heart and stimulate debate.

Written and directed by Sam & Fred GUILLAUME

Animation Elie Chapuis Claude Barras Sam GUILLAUME Yoann CORTHESY Camilo DE MARTINO

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