Get to know the short film: GHOSTBOY, 9min., UK, Animation/Comedy


Playing at the best of Family/Animation FEEDBACK Short Film Festival on Thursday Aug. 25th. 7pm. Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto. Get your FREE Tickets today

GHOSTBOY, 9min., UK, Animation/Comedy
Directed by Jonathan Brooks

An exciting tale of mystery, mayhem and friendship, ‘Ghostboy’ teaches the very important lesson to not judge a book by it’s cover…

Director’s Statement:


Nearly 10 years had passed since I first sketched the character of Ghostboy. I felt it was something that would never materialise into anything and become a wasted idea like so many other ideas. After wrapping on a previous short film, I was looking for my next challenge. That’s when Ghostboy came about, though all I had was a few sketches and a short poem, I still had the basic structure of the story. It wasn’t until much later that the character of Alfie was introduced as well as his family…

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