Get to know the short film: LUCY, 16min, Greece, Family/Drama


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LUCY, 16min, Greece, Family/Drama
Directed by Stamatis Giannoulis

Myrto and Kimonas, an elderly childless couple have just lost their pet dog Lucy of natural causes. The events that will unfold the day they take their beloved pet to the vet will make them reconsider their relations and give them the opportunity to realise that nothing can substitute their love which, they now put to the test for whatever they have left…

Director’s Statement:

After decades of servicing cinematography and having an experience from various posts and productions both domestic and international, I decided to direct the short film “Lucy”, the writing debut of Alexis Giannoulis. Although family, the approach was a strictly professional one right from the beginning and whilst I worked with Alexis on…

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