10 Steps to Happiness (Disney style)

Books and Disney

Disney is basically the root to happiness! Here are some tips from the movies which sum up how to be happy. If some of these tips can make Grumpy happy, I’m sure they’ll work for everyone.

1. Hate less, love more

A-Whole-New-World.gif image via Disney

2. Worry less, dance more

a6ef83e277e2b46488ea486ff7e6a9b3 image via Disney

3. Take less, give more

1439999834-tumblr-lvnf2zs3xc1qjhjdwo3-r3-500.gif image via Disney

Or, just be like Captain Jack Sparrow,  and take what you can; give nothing back 😉

4. Consume less, give more

disney-puppy-unwrapping-gifts-gif.gif image via Disney

5. Frown less, smile more

tumblr_mtfiqjCdtG1sg0a6co1_250.gif image via Disney

6. Talk less, listen more

tumblr_mrirhhJ0511rzmzeio1_500.gif image via Disney

7. Fear less, try more

636190064980539858-911853510_worry.gif image via Disney

8. Judge less, accept more

WvvyxiYZdsvde.gif image via GIPHY

9. Watch less, do more

Jwtivd6kuR30Y.gif image via GIPHY

10. Complain less, appreciate more

19101878.gif image via Disney

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