The History of Disney Animation – Part 2 Pinocchio

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Pinocchio-1940-poster Image from: Wikipedia, Pinocchio (1940 film), <; [accessed 11/5/2017] Pinocchio had a tough act to follow but it is often credited with being one of Disney’s finest achievements and being a hugely important film within the history of the studio and animation.[1] The original story was written by Carlo Collodi and was a series in a magazine in 1881.[2] Disney does not seem to have considered Pinocchio as much of a feature. It was suggested as a short by Mrs K. Evans, (friend of the family) in a letter of April 1935 and was ultimately suggested as a feature film by Ben Sharpsteen to Walt.[3] So compared to Snow White, there is less of a personal connection to Disney himself. But very little is known about why Walt finally decided upon Pinocchio as a feature.

Nevertheless, story boarding began in March 1938; delayed by the pressure to…

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