Director Biography – Barbara Peikert (MI DI WORM)

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Baraba-pe was born and raised in Switzerland. Since 2009 she has been working as a self-producer, filmmaker, photographer and sound artist in the art Atelier a./f. As the founder of the theory of Astrazione-fiction, she has been contributing to the development of abstract fictional art since 2005. The fields of interest of the experimental and animated films concentrate on the chromatic flow and the fictive abstraction, holography, photography, light and sound effects enrich the aesthetic perception on the basis of the filmography of ECLAT/ECRAN (Shine/ Screen). She studied at the Masana in Barcelona, at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, at the INA-GRM in Paris in Audio Engineering and Digital Sound Design and was assistant of sound installations at the CRM (Centro ricerche musicale) in Rome. She graduated from the Università di Sapienza di Roma, the ENSAD High School and the Universities of Paris 1+8: Master in Art, Aesthetics and Light Design.

Experimental films:
Cartoons with 2D Animation+3D illusions templates, color, sound:
2018 MI DI WORM no. 10, 1′; MI DI WORM no. 1-19 (year of reference 2015); AF_VOLVERSTOI_no 1-65; AF_ST-TIC_TAC; AF_SAGOMA, 25’’; Periplaneta, 6’ (shooting Spain)
Staging with RGB flow lighting effects and geometric shapes (year of shooting France 2005):
2017/19 AF_EINSTRAHLER (Radiator) 10’; AF_WRACK, 13’; HEXA SEXTA 16’; Bille Balle (BALL BALLOON) 190“; AF_EINäuger (One eye) 10′
Space and time axis model the sequence of the images and stage the discolored color flow
2018 AF_SO_WAL, 4’; AF_SOMONT_NB, 145’’; AF_SOMONT_R, 140’’; AF_SO-RO, 4’37’’
Early Experimental films of astrazione-fiction:
2012 A- SOL_TIC, 2010 WRACK_CUBE, 10’; 2008 Blue-TUONO, 15’; CA-lunatic, 4’; compilation Eclat/Ecran 2004 (Prismis, Bleu électrique, Halo4).

For additional information, please contact me.

Director Statement

The intermittent image sequence is noise for tone painting: rattling noise, rumble, rattle, clatter, jingle, and in part appear to be synchronized with the image sequence of this simulated sound. “Abstract worms” may have last three attempts to call all together with ironic and exotic whistle and rattle noises. The painting seems floating and disappearing in darkness.

The sequences of simple forms transform smoothly into animated films. Geometrically technical composition principles are explored: the self-producing world of images integrates the search for a color logic, conceptual contexts of image design and is automated as a self-emitting reflection, reacting to stimuli with a tone-painting stimulus.
Baraba-pe, 2018


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