Director Biography – Carlos Mejia, Kevin Barwick (SERPENDIPITY)

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Carlos Mejia is a Colombian born CG artist, passionate about storytelling and cinematography, and is the Co-Director for Serpendipity. Through animation, he has found a fascinating creative medium that allows for the most outlandish and wondrous adventures to be created and shared with others. His goal is to create strong emotionally driven narratives for wide audiences.

Kevin Barwick is the Co-Director of Serpendipity. For Kevin it’s been an honor and a privilege to learn and grow so much from this film, and with this team. The talent and passion alone are the reason animation is what it is.

Director Statement

Carlos Mejia: Serpendipity is a story with wild shifts and twists, bringing absolute chaos to a seemingly normal blind date. At its core, Serpendipity’s narrative explores how our insecurities can manifest into embarrassing behavior that can make any situation worse. Whether our insecurity is as ordinary as not liking our glasses, or as extraordinary as having rowdy snakes for hair, we all have something to work on that others can help us accept.

Kevin Barwick: Serpendipity stemmed from a simple concept of insecurity. A feeling we’ve all felt. It’s universal language, signifying features, are the essence of the film. When I joined the team I had this ingrained. I wanted this to stay true till the end. The audience needed to resonate with Gordon, see themselves inside the anguish of the film’s lead characters.


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