Short Film: GYORO GOES TO THE THEATER, 3min., Japan

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Directed by Shoichi “DAVID” Haruyama
This is a heartwarming story about a boy Takuto and his family.
While helping his family for packing, Takuto found a pair of mysterious opera glasses from a piled-up cardboard box which turns out to be his grandma’s relic. The magical opera glasses named ‘Gyoro’ suddenly came to life when Takuto touched it. Gyoro brings back happy memories to grandpa and mom of going to theaters with grandma. With Gyoro, Takuto gradually becomes fascinated by the world of theater.

Director Biography – Shoichi “DAVID” Haruyama

Shoichi “DAVID” Haruyama is a film director born in 1976, Tokyo, Japan.
Currently working as a free-lance film director.
Specializes in directing commercials, web movies and music videos. Especially in music videos, he has collaborated with various artistes and musicians to create many challenging works.
He has strength in creating unique films with hand-crafted technique. In particular, he prefers to use stop motion and sometimes even animate by himself.

Won MTV VMAJ Best Rock Video Award, Space Shower TV Best Videos, Adobe Creative Jam Winner, Good Design Award, etc.

Representative works: ONE OK ROCK “Be the light”, Arashi “Troublemaker”, Suga Shikao “Sayonara Home Run”, Gen Hoshino “Mono” “Crazy Crazy”, and many more.


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