Short Film: KEEP PAINTING, MOM, 15min., Canada

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KEEP PAINTING, MOM, 15min., Canada
Directed by Heloise Magny
A young teenager suffering from depression enters his own psychological nightmare and must face his demons. Inside his own mind he will discover his true enemy, and the battle to find his purpose will begin…

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Director Biography – Heloise Magny

Heloise is from Montreal, Canada and has a strong interest for storytelling and visual effects.
She owns a bachelor degree in visual effects from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and is now working for MPC as a Layout artist, in the visual effects department on Transformers : Rise of the Beasts.

Director Statement

My name is Heloise Magny and I am a film director.

I always dreamed of creating films to help people. When I was younger, films made me want to live, so I wanted to create films to transmit thoughtful messages.

With the recent pandemic, there has been a large decline in mental health.

I recently completed a short, animated film aimed at suicide prevention. It features a young male teenager aspiring to become a comic book artist. He is suffering from depression and has to find his way out of what turns out to be a heart-wrenching psychological nightmare.

The film, endorsed by the Association of Psychologists of Quebec, is fifteen-minute long. It is my second film.

This animation about the power of art and love was created to give hope to people suffering from depression around the world and to remind us of our inner strength.

The film uses 2d and 3d animation, along with digital painting methods : characters are evolving inside a painting.


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